Local Ordering

  • No Shipping
  • Fort Myers / Naples, Florida area - local delivery/pick up - delivery charges may apply
  • Order at least 2 weeks in advance; earlier for holidays or special events, such as graduations, to ensure scheduling
  • Complete and submit the form with the information to request a quote
  • Minimum custom cookie order is 1 dozen; thereafter, increments of ½ dozen may be included
  • Cookies are generally $50/doz; pricing may change based on size & design
  • Minimum French Macaron order is 10; thereafter, increments of 5 or 6 may be included
  • Macarons are generally $30/doz; pricing may change based on design
  • Cookies are packaged in individual, heat-sealed bags; ribbons not included; bagged cookies are packaged, single layer, in gift box; or on end in bakery box (for larger orders)
  • Macarons are packed in individual, heat-sealed bags; some designs will be placed in cupcake wrappers and packaged, single layer, in gift box; or may be packaged in special trays/custom packaging
  • Payment via Paypal invoice
  • Local delivery/pick up arrangements are made when order is ready

Florida Cottage Food Law

  • Cottage Food Operation means a person who produces or packages cottage food products at his or her residence and sells such products in accordance with Section 500.80, Florida Statutes.
  • Cottage Food Product means food that is not a potentially hazardous food, which is sold by a cottage food operation
  • "Made in a cottage food operation that is not subject to Florida's food safety regulations"
  • Allergens – Nuts, Eggs, Wheat
  • No Shipping - Local delivery/pick up only