We are very excited to share this post about our special French Macaron project!! My friend, Hilary, asked me to design custom guest favors for a party.  The event was a pre-wedding celebration for her daughter and fiancé. Since the wedding is out-of-state, the Houston event provided for many local friends and family to enjoy an evening with the couple here before the wedding.

We designed hand-painted gold monogram initial shells for the bride and groom with pink floral accents. Gold and metallic dusts from Truly Mad Plastics. In keeping with the wedding theme, we also made two special ganache fillings – one for the bride, and one for the groom!

The ‘Bride’ ganache was cake-flavored white chocolate with gold and white sprinkles. Cake flavoring from LorAnn Oils. The ‘Groom’ ganache was dark chocolate cinnamon cappuccino. White and dark chocolate from Ghirardelli. Since Houston is still very hot, the ganache was a delicious option over buttercream in this heat!

We heat-sealed each macaron into individual bags. We then arranged a set of monogrammed macarons into shred-lined, favor boxes. Since these were guest favors, a gold ribbon attached a hand-lettered tag with the couple’s names to each box and included a ‘Thank You’ message. The tags are from Martha Stewart at Michaels.

Hilary displayed the guest favors on a table at the party, and posted this beautiful photo (thank you!)!

We were very happy with how these beautiful French Macarons turned out. There were perfect for this event! Also, we are very thankful for this opportunity to design and create something special for such an amazing young couple!! Last, but not least, we wish them a sweet lifetime of happiness and joy!!