Special Project

My client coordinated a Mah Jongg tournament last weekend as a fund-raising event for Juvenile Diabetes. She ordered Mah Jongg tile cookies as event treats, and French Macarons for the Silent Auction. I decided to feature this order on the blog, since these cookies and macarons were so well-received!

Mah Jongg Tiles

I had no knowledge regarding Mah Jongg – the game or the tile playing pieces! Therefore, I researched the images to design the cookie. In addition, I wanted to reflect accurately the tile proportions, scaled up to a cookie size. I selected the rectangle cutter by Sweet Sugarbelle and it was perfect for these designs!!

I used my Daeon iPhone projector and Arkon camera mount to transfer the different photo images to each cookie. I colored the designs with Rainbow Dust Colour food color pens.

After the Mah Jongg tiles were finished, I packaged them in individual, heat-sealed, clear bags. Then, I placed the cookies in a single layer in BPR Boxshop gift boxes to deliver to my client.

Hand-Painted French Macarons

I created two separate, hand-painted French Macaron designs for my client to use in the Silent Auction for her fundraiser. Each design was a different flavor, so the white shells were filled with Vanilla Bean White Chocolate Ganache, and the chocolate shells were filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache.

I used various products and flavorings, including Guittard dark chocolate chips, Ghirardelli white chocolate chips, Nielson-Massey vanilla bean paste, Hershey’s cocoa powder.

I hand-painted bouquets of pink roses on the white shells for the vanilla macarons. For the chocolate macarons, I painted multi-colored monstera leaves on the dark shells.

Again, I heat-sealed each macaron in individual clear bags, and placed in a single layer in a BRP Boxshop bakery gift box to delivery to my client.



I’m speechless!

Love!!! Everything!!!

– Client @jerikwolff

I recently won two dozen of your cookies in a silent auction at a Mah Jongg tournament. They were nothing less than fabulous.

– Ann T.

As a baker, it is heartwarming to hear such awesome client feedback! I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost!

Thank you!