We will use this blog post to periodically add tips, hints and other useful information to help with your mastery of baking this awesome, amazing little confection – the French Macaron! We will start with a hint for making smooth shells, and then add new info under separate headings to keep this post current and evergreen!

These are tips, hints, or other information or techniques that we have found, based on our own baking experience, to be helpful. Macarons are wonderful, fussy little things, and the ultimate outcome depends on many different factors, most of which will be unique to each baker and their respective kitchen!

Smooth Shells

We sift the powdered sugar and almond flour when it is weighed and portioned out for each batch. Then we sift the combined powdered sugar and almond flour a second time prior to macaronage. We have found that this helps create a smoother consistency for the batter and results in smoother shells.

We are a small batch, artisan cottage bakery, and the video below shows how we sift the dry ingredients together before each and every macaron batch we make! This would also be the place we would sift in the cocoa powder for chocolate shells, or any dry flavoring ingredient that you might want to use.

Don’t worry about the little almond nubbins that remain – just toss them in with toppings, or your granola! We think the extra 1 1/2 minutes for this step is well worth the effort in producing pretty and smooth macaron shells – like the Tiffany-inspired ones pictured in the gallery below!

Good luck with your macaron baking adventure! We hope this information is helfpful!

Thank you,