I love the current trend of decorating cookies with rock candy to look like geodes – I just don’t like the crunch of the rock candy for eating the cookies! So I thought I’d try something a little different with these Tiffany-inspired macarons and see how that would go!

It was clear at the outset this morning, that it was going to be one of those turquoise days – starting with my coffee cup! So, I was compelled to reach for Artisan Accents ‘Breakfast Blue’ to color the shells … and I was very happy with how beautiful the color turned out!

Things went well with the piping and baking, and I was very happy with how pretty the shells looked! Once they were cooled, I removed them from the baking mat and paired them up to fill with Sparkling Vanilla Cream Buttercream – flavored with LorAnn Oils Sparkling Wine & Bavarian Cream flavors, and Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste, and colored with Artisan Accents Breakfast Blue.

The ‘geodes’ are typically made with royal icing ‘glue’ and crushed rock candy pieces, then accented with jewel and/or metallic dusts. I wanted something that looked pretty and fancy, but didn’t have the hard crunch of the rock candy. I had a custom sprinkle mix that included Bakery Bling Blinged Out Sugar, Wilton sprinkles, and PME sprinkles and thought it would be pretty with the blue shells. Using melted Guittard white chocolate, I smeared a free-form patch on about half of the shells as the base ‘glue’ for the sprinkles.

I was really very happy with how they turned out! The sprinkle accents were beautiful and also easy to eat! I have a couple of Tiffany treasures that I love, and have also had some memorable experiences related to Tiffany – so I just love it that these pretty little treats captured the essence of all that for me!

Tiffany-inspired ‘geode’ macarons